5 - 15 October 2017


We are delighted to present Aberdeen Comedy Festival 2017!

Now in its second year, the festival boasts over 55 events across 11 days in 27 different venues. We have something for everyone, including multi-bill shows, solo shows, improvisation comedy, kids events, comedy films and workshops. We have an impressive collection of international, national and local comics lined up to make you laugh including Canadian Craig Campbell and the returning Fred MacAulay.

The Aberdeen Comedy Festival is just one of Aberdeen Inspired’s many projects, designed to make Aberdeen city centre one of the most vibrant, attractive and liveable cities in Scotland. Recent winners of the EU BID of the Year Award in Berlin, we are committed to seeing the city grow and prosper over the coming years and beyond. However, this could not be achieved without our valued sponsor and partners who we thank for their continued support and enthusiasm.

We hope you enjoy the comedy on offer, with ticket prices from as little as £5 and several shows a day there’s no excuse not to
come out and support your local comedy festival!

Special thanks to

The festival is presented by Aberdeen Inspired in partnership with Breakneck Comedy and is kindly sponsored by McGinty’s Meal An’ Ale.

Aberdeen Inspired Breakneck logo McGinty's

Ross Leslie Ross Leslie McGinty's Meal An' Ale 12.10.2017
Phil Nichol Phil Nichol Sing City 8.10.2017
Patrick Rolink Patrick Rolink The Albyn 13.10.2017
Neil Dougan Neil Dougan Grosvenor Casino 14.10.2017
Rahul Kohli Rahul Kohli Cafe Drummond 10.10.2017
Carl Hutchinson Carl Hutchinson Cafe Drummond 10.10.2017
Craig Campbell Craig Campbell The Lemon Tree Lounge 5.10.2017
Eleanor Conway Eleanor Conway Nox 10.10.2017
Damian Clark Damian Clark Aberdeen Douglas Hotel 10.10.2017
Gareth Mutch Gareth Mutch McGinty's Meal An' Ale 11.10.2017
Gus Lymburn Gus Lymburn Siberia Vodka Bar 11.10.2017
Liam Withnail Liam Withnail Siberia Vodka Bar 11.10.2017
Justin Moorhouse Justin Moorhouse Nox 11.10.2017
Larry Dean Larry Dean The Carmelite 11.11.2017
Gary Meikle Gary Meikle O'Neill's Aberdeen 12.10.2017
Bruce Fummey Bruce Fummey O'Neill's Aberdeen 12.10.2017
Pajama Men Pajama Men The Lemon Tree Lounge 12.10.2017
Daliso Chaponda Daliso Chaponda Spin 12.10.2017
Scot Laird Scot Laird The Shack 13.10.2017
Bec Hill Bec Hill Exodus 14.10.2017
Tiernan Douieb Tiernan Douieb Nox 14.10.2017
Stephen Buchanan Stephen Buchanan The Wee Glen at the Glentanar 14.10.2017
Shazia Mirza Shazia Mirza The Shack 14.10.2017
Fern Brady Fern Brady The Lemon Tree Lounge 14.10.2017
Monty Burns Monty Burns La Lombarda Basemant Bar 15.10.2017
Rory O' Hanlon Rory O' Hanlon The Carmelite 15.10.2017
Mick Ferry Mick Ferry Aberdeen Arts Centre 15.10.2017
Remove   Paul Tonkinson Remove Paul Tonkinson Aberdeen Arts Centre 15.10.2017
Ray Bradshaw Ray Bradshaw Aberdeen Arts Centre 15.10.2017
Carey Marx Carey Marx Aberdeen Arts Centre 15.10.2017

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504 Union Street
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